Securities Law & Instruments

Legislative Reviews

Under the Securities Act and Commodity Futures Act, the Ontario government is required to appoint advisory committees to review securities or commodity futures legislation, regulations and rules relating to matters dealt with by the Ontario Securities Commission, generally every four years after the appointment of the previous advisory committee.

Appointments under the Securities Act:

The Minister of Finance appointed an independent committee (the Five Year Review Committee) in March 2000 to review securities legislation, regulations and rules and the legislative needs of the Commission. The Five Year Review Committee issued its draft report on May 29, 2002 and subsequently released its final report for submission to the Minister of Finance on May 29, 2003.

Appointments under the Commodity Futures Act:

The Minister responsible for securities legislation appointed the first advisory committee (the CFA Advisory Committee) in May 2005 to review commodity futures legislation, regulations and rules. The CFA Advisory Committee issued its interim report on May 26, 2006 and final report in January 2007.

Securities Review Advisory Committee

CFA Advisory Committee