Whistleblowers are encouraged to read our Submission guide and Awards eligibility information prior to submitting a report.

Pre-submission checklist

I have identified timely, specific, and credible facts relating to possible violation(s) of Ontario securities law; I am ready to provide the following details: who is involved, what happened, and when the misconduct occurred or may occur.
I understand that I should not reference or send any materials that may reflect legal advice, including communication that may be subject to solicitor-client privilege.
I have gathered all supporting documents and materials in my possession or control, if any, and I have them on-hand to either upload as part of my online submission, or to submit by mail to the OSC's Office of the Whistleblower.
If I am an employee at the entity that is the subject of my concern, I understand that I am encouraged to report the misconduct internally to my employer first, before submitting a report.
I have at least 45 minutes of time available to complete the submission process. I understand that online submissions must be completed in one sitting and that I cannot save my progress.
I have read and understand OSC Policy 15-601 - Whistleblower Program.

Anonymous submissions (optional)

If you prefer to report anonymously, you must be represented by a lawyer. Your lawyer will need to complete, sign and submit the Whistleblower Submission Form and related documents on your behalf. This process is detailed in the Protections section.

Submit a report now

We encourage you to submit your report online and attach any supporting documents or materials (up to 1 GB in total and a maximum of 20 files per submission). If you have documents in excess of 1 GB or 20 files, you can provide these after you have submitted a report, along with your Submission ID, by mail or courier.

It can take 45-60 minutes to complete the online report, which must be completed in one sitting; you cannot save your progress.

Inactivity of more than 30 minutes will result in a timeout (for security) and any previously inputted information will be lost.

Up to five whistleblowers may jointly make one online submission.

Submit a report online OSC eForms have limited browser compatibility: Optional:

Please download, print and complete the Whistleblower Submission Form and include supporting documents or materials, if any, in your mailing to us.

Supporting documents can include physical documents and electronic files saved on a storage device, such as a USB drive. The mailing must include:

  • a description of the items provided
  • a description of how the items were obtained
  • if the whistleblower’s identity is likely to be revealed through any of the items

Please note that mailed submissions will take longer for us to receive and process than online report submissions.

If you are a group of whistleblowers, please ensure each individual in the group completes a separate form.

Download PDF report form

Mailing address

Office of the Whistleblower - Confidential
Ontario Securities Commission
22nd Floor
20 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 3S8

Canada Post regular mail or any courier packages will be accepted at this address.

After you have submitted a report

What’s next?

If you submitted a report online, you will immediately receive a Submission ID. Keep this somewhere safe and secure, as you may need to reference it in the future.

We review each submission to determine next steps, including whether it requires further follow-up or investigation. We may contact a whistleblower or their lawyer (in the case of an anonymous submission) to request additional information, including:

  • explanations or clarifications so that we can better understand the information submitted
  • details on any documents or other information that may support the submission
  • information regarding your eligibility for a whistleblower award.

Submitting additional information

We may ask you for more details, and discuss with you whether you possess additional relevant information. You might also independently come across new information that may be of value to an investigation. However, we are not asking you to obtain information (including documents or other potential evidence) that is not in your possession.

You can report additional information through a Supplemental Whistleblower Submission Form. You must include your original Submission ID, which you received after providing your initial report. The Supplemental Whistleblower Submission Form can be submitted online or by mail.

Need to speak with us?

Review the Contact us page for information about our Whistleblower hotline.


The information provided on this page is intended to provide a general summary of certain key features of the OSC Whistleblower Program. It does not purport to be a complete or comprehensive discussion of all aspects of the Whistleblower Program, is not legal or other professional advice, and should not be relied upon or regarded as a substitute for legal or other professional advice. For detailed information about the Program, including eligibility requirements and certain limitations that apply, we recommend that you read the full text of the official OSC Whistleblower Policy: OSC Policy 15-601 - Whistleblower Program.