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(Sections 127 and 127.1 of the Securities Act, RSO 1990, c S.5)

TAKE NOTICE that the Ontario Securities Commission will hold a hearing pursuant to sections 127 and 127.1 of the Securities Act, RSO 1990, c S.5, at the offices of the Commission located at 20 Queen Street West, 17th Floor, Toronto, commencing on May 26, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. or as soon thereafter as the hearing can be held;

AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that the purpose of the hearing is for the Commission to consider whether it is in the public interest to approve the Settlement Agreement dated May 23, 2017 between Staff of the Commission and Lance Kotton;

BY REASON OF the allegations set out in the Statement of Allegations of Staff of the Commission dated May 23, 2017 and such additional allegations as counsel may advise and the Commission may permit;

AND TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that any party to the proceeding may be represented by a representative at the hearing;

AND TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that upon failure of any party to attend at the time and place aforesaid, the hearing may proceed in the absence of that party, and such party is not entitled to any further notice of the proceedings.

DATED at Toronto, this 23rd day of May, 2017.


" Grace Knakowski "
Grace Knakowski
Secretary to the Commission