Our Structure


The OSC is a self-funded Crown corporation, accountable to the Ontario Legislature through the Minister of Finance. The OSC operates under the direction of the Commission.

The Commission

The Commission performs three distinct functions in support of its mandate – making policies and rules, serving as the board of directors, and adjudicating. The Chair is both the Chair of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer, as set out in the Securities Act (Ontario).

The Commission consists of 9 to 16 Members, called Commissioners. The Chair and Vice-Chairs are full-time Members, and the other Members are part-time. One part-time Member is elected by other part-time Members to act as Lead Director, whose duties include overseeing the operations of the Board and its committees.

The Chair, each Vice-Chair and each Member are separately appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. Appointments to the Commission are made according to the procedures of the Public Appointments Secretariat of the Government of Ontario. The Ontario Securities Commission Charter of Governance sets out the areas of expertise, skills and qualifications needed by the Commission to fulfil its duties.

Learn more about the current Members of the Commission.

The organization

The Commission is supported by an Executive Director & Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), and approximately 560 employees working in 17 branches and offices. The Executive Director & CAO manages and directs the OSC’s day-to-day operations to achieve its operational and strategic objectives. The duties of the Executive Director are set out in the Securities Act (Ontario) and the Commodity Futures Act (Ontario).

The Commission’s branches and offices are responsible for a range of regulatory, advisory and corporate functions. Learn more about our branches and offices.