Securities Law & Instruments

File No.: 2017-66


Mark J. Sandler, Commissioner and Chair of the Panel

September 5, 2018


                WHEREAS the Ontario Securities Commission (the Commission) held a hearing in writing to consider a request by Staff of the Commission (Staff) and Omega Securities Inc. (OSI) to revise the schedule for this proceeding;

                ON READING correspondence from Staff and OSI indicating the parties’ consent to this order;

                IT IS ORDERED THAT:

1.             This motion is heard in writing in accordance with Rule 23(2) of the Ontario Securities Commission Rules of Procedure and Forms (2017), 40 OSCB 8988 and section 5.1 of the Statutory Powers Procedure Act, RSO 1990, c S.22;

2.             The Second Appearance in this matter scheduled for September 5, 2018, is vacated; and

3.             The Second Appearance in this matter will be heard on October 4, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., or such other date as may be agreed to by the parties and set by the Office of the Secretary.

“Mark J. Sandler”