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Bill 212, Good Government Act, 2009

Schedule 16 of the Good Government Act, 2009 (Bill 212) contains amendments to the Commodity Futures Act. Bill 212 received Royal Assent on December 15, 2009 and these amendments came into force on the same date. This Schedule may be viewed on the Ontario Legislative Assembly’s website at In addition, a consolidated version of the Commodity Futures Act reflecting these amendments is expected to be available shortly on the Ontario e-laws site at

The Explanatory Notes in Bill 212 provides details on these amendments. The relevant extract of the Explanatory Notes is reproduced below.

Explanatory Notes

Commodity Futures Act

Section 2.2 of the Act lists the extraordinary circumstances in which the Ontario Securities Commission must notify the Minister of Finance that immediate action must be taken in the public interest. The reference to “disruption” in the English version is changed to “major disruption” for consistency within the section.

The reference to the Treasurer of Ontario in section 61 of the Act is updated to Minister of Finance.

A cross reference to provisions in the Proceedings Against the Crown Act is corrected in subsection 64 (3) of the Act.

The amendment to subparagraph 28 i of subsection 65 (1) of the Act corrects a reference to a Part in the Act.