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  • QuadrigaCX: A Review by Staff of the Ontario Securities Commission

    QuadrigaCX: A Review by Staff of the Ontario Securities Commission

    The QuadrigaCX investigative report published today outlines the events from Quadriga’s inception to its eventual collapse, with a focus on how the platform was run, what caused its collapse, and what happened to clients’ assets. The report also discusses how, in Staff’s assessment, the Quadriga platform involved trading in securities or derivatives.

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  • OSC Annual Report, Financial Statements and MD&A

    OSC Annual Reports

    The annual report describes the OSC’s operations, and its activities toward fulfilling its mandate and achieving its priorities. It also includes the OSC’s financial results.

    The Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) contains management’s interpretation of the OSC’s financial performance for the fiscal year.

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  • Statement of Priorities

    Every year, the OSC publishes a Statement of Priorities for the current fiscal year. The Statement of Priorities serves as the guide for the OSC’s ongoing operations.

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  • OSC Business Plan

    March 11, 2019

    The OSC Business Plan sets out the Ontario Securities Commission’s key strategies for the three fiscal years 2018-2019 to 2021-2022 and how it plans to accomplish those strategies.

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  • Reducing Regulatory Burden Decisions and Recommendations – Status Update

    May 27, 2020

    Reducing Regulatory Burden Decisions and Recommendations - Status Update

    The OSC is providing a status update for the decisions and recommendations published in the Reducing Regulatory Burden in Ontario’s Capital Markets report in November 2019. This status update is consistent with our commitment to provide market updates on the progress of implementing the report’s decisions and recommendations.

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    Reducing Regulatory Burden in Ontario’s Capital Markets

    November 19, 2019

    OSC Burden Reduction

    The Ontario Securities Commission is moving forward with more than 100 specific actions to reduce burden for market participants doing business in Ontario’s capital markets.

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  • Investor News

    Stay informed about the latest investor initiatives, educational resources, topical issues, key dates and investor warnings and alerts.

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  • Investor research

    Investor research

    Investor research is key to improving our knowledge and understanding of important investor needs and issues, and the Investor Office has undertaken a number of research initiatives.

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  • Investor reports

    Investor reports

    Read the latest Investor Office reports, including the OSC’s Seniors Strategy.

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  • Corporate Finance Branch Annual Reports

    The Corporate Finance Annual Report outlines the operational and policy work of the Branch and provides detail on how the Branch carries out its regulatory work in a manner consistent with the OSC’s mandate.

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  • Summary Report for Dealers, Advisers and Investment Fund Managers

    August 8, 2019

    The Summary Report for Dealers, Advisers and Investment Fund Managers provides an overview of our work during the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

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  • Investment Funds Practitioner

    The Practitioner is an overview of recent issues arising from applications for discretionary relief, prospectuses, and continuous disclosure documents that investment funds file with the OSC.

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  • Topical Guide for Registrants

    Topical Guide for Registrants

    This reference guide is designed to assist registrants and other stakeholders to locate topical guidance regarding compliance and registrant regulation matters.

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  • OSC Bulletin

    OSC Bulletin issues

    The OSC Bulletin is the official record of the activities of the OSC. It is published weekly.

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  • OSC Service Commitment

    OSC Service Commitment

    The Ontario Securities Commission has created this document to reflect our commitment to accountability and transparency.

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