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OSC Regulatory News Releases 2015

20151105190000November 6, 2015Report of the Over-the-Counter Derivatives Regulators Group (ODRG) to G20 Leaders on Cross-Border Implementation Issues
20151105080000November 5, 2015OSC News Release: OSC Seeks Comment on Proposed Amendments to Trade Repositories Rule
20150917080000September 17, 2015Regulators Release Results of Mystery Shopping Research on Advisory Practices
20150619060000June 19, 2015OSC News Release: OSC Sets Out Expectations for Businesses Planning to Operate Peer-to-Peer Lending Websites
20150423070000April 23, 2015OSC News Release: OSC Publishes Report on Canadian Fixed Income Market and Details Next Steps to Enhance Regulation and Transparency
20150414100000April 14, 2015OSC News Release: OSC Announces Roundtable on Proposed Whistleblower Program
20150310060000March 10, 2015OSC News Release: OSC’s Investor Advisory Panel Releases Annual Report
20150219073000February 19, 2015OSC News Release: OSC Adopts Family, Friends and Business Associates Prospectus Exemption
20150211190000February 12, 2015OSC News Release: OSC Amends Schedule for Public Disclosure of Transaction-level Derivatives Data
20150204190000February 5, 2015OSC News Release: OSC Adopts Amendments to Fee Model
20150202190000February 3, 2015OSC News Release: OSC Proposes New Whistleblower Program for Public Comment
20150129060000January 29, 2015OSC News Release: OSC Releases Results of Related Party Transaction Disclosure Review
20150126060000January 26, 2015OSC News Release: OSC Releases Results of REIT Distributions Disclosure Review
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