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OSC Enforcement News Releases 2019

20191227070000December 27, 2019Receiver appointed by Ontario Superior Court of Justice: Distribution of proceeds recovered by the OSC to GITC investors
20191210050000December 10, 2019OSC News Release: Oliver Folkard sentenced after guilty plea to fraud
20191029113000October 29, 2019OSC News Release: Recidivist Wesley Weber Sentenced after Guilty Plea to Securities Act Offences
20191024060000October 24, 2019OSC News Release: Banned individuals charged with Securities Act Offences
20190830090000August 30, 2019OSC News Release: RBC and TD pay more than $24 million for foreign exchange compliance failings
20190725120000July 25, 2019OSC News Release: International trading platforms pay more than $10 million following settlements with OSC
20190725050000July 25, 2019OSC News Release: OSC Panel approves settlement with crypto-asset consulting firm CoinLaunch
20190703100000July 3, 2019OSC News Release: Caldwell Investment Management Ltd. to pay $1.8M for violating trade execution rules
20190618060000June 18, 2019OSC News Release: Convicted fraudster that fled Canada, arrested and returned to serve sentence
20190611080000June 11, 2019OSC News Release: Court dismisses appeal by former Sino-Forest executives
20190514080000May 14, 2019OSC News Release: Alex Tapscott and NextBlock Global Limited to pay $1M for misleading investors
20190227050000February 27, 2019OSC News Release: OSC Awards $7.5 Million to Three Whistleblowers
20190123190000January 24, 2019OSC News Release: Recidivist Wesley Weber pleads guilty to violating the Securities Act
20190110103000January 10, 2019OSC News Release: Recidivist April Vuong sentenced to jail for violations of Securities Act
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