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This section of the website contains news releases from the OSC on regulatory and enforcement matters, investor protection initiatives, and the OSC’s operations.
20190704060000July 4, 2019OSC Investor Alert: RTG Direct Trading Group
20190703060000July 3, 2019OSC News Release: OSC seeks applications for Investor Advisory Panel
20190627180000June 27, 2019OSC News Release: OSC Publishes 2019-2020 Statement of Priorities
20190627070000June 27, 2019OSC News Release: OSC takes action to reduce burden for investment fund managers
20190621093000June 21, 2019OSC News Release: OSC and MPP for Nipissing highlight importance of financial literacy during Ontario Seniors Month
20190618060000June 18, 2019OSC News Release: Convicted fraudster that fled Canada, arrested and returned to serve sentence
20190611080000June 11, 2019OSC News Release: Court dismisses appeal by former Sino-Forest executives
20190606070000June 6, 2019OSC News Release: OSC Requests Members for Market Structure Advisory Committee
20190606060000June 6, 2019OSC News Release: OSC takes action to reduce burden for mining issuers
20190604060000June 4, 2019OSC News Release: OSC Seeks Applications for Investment Funds Technical Advisory Committee
20190531060000May 31, 2019OSC News Release: OSC Chair Maureen Jensen awarded honorary Doctor of Laws degree
20190528060000May 28, 2019OSC Investor Alert: Convicted Fraudster Weizhen Tang
20190524070000May 24, 2019OSC Investor Alert: United Financial Commodity Group
20190515100000May 15, 2019OSC News Release: Fees for delayed OBA filings to be waived as part of OSC burden reduction project
20190514080000May 14, 2019OSC News Release: Alex Tapscott and NextBlock Global Limited to pay $1M for misleading investors
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