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OSC Enforcement News Releases 2018

20181217190000December 18, 2018OSC News Release: OSC Panel approves settlement with Katanga Mining Limited, former and current directors and officers for misleading disclosure and internal control failures
20181113110000November 13, 2018OSC News Release: Carlos Da Silva, Sei-Jin Ki and Kamal Singh Athwal Charged with Securities Act Offences
20181018121500October 18, 2018OSC News Release: Recidivist Michelle Dunk sentenced to jail for violations of Securities Act
20180928093000September 28, 2018OSC News Release: Superior Court of Justice sentences Daniel Tiffin to jail
20180629060000June 29, 2018OSC News Release: OSC Whistleblower Program contributing to a stronger culture of compliance
20180607120000June 7, 2018OSC News Release: OSC Approves No-Contest Settlement Agreement with IPC Securities Corporation and IPC Investment Corporation
20180604060000June 4, 2018OSC News Release: David Singh Charged with Securities Act Offences
20180522073000May 22, 2018OSC News Release: Superior Court of Justice Overturns Acquittals of Daniel Tiffin and Tiffin Financial Corporation
20180427093000April 27, 2018OSC News Release: Douglas DeBoer and Leonard Lodder Charged with Securities Act Offences
20180424123000April 24, 2018OSC News Release: Michelle Dunk guilty of fraud and three violations of Securities Act
20180418073000April 18, 2018OSC News Release: Sydney Lederman Sentenced to 90 Days Jail for Fraud
20180409060000April 9, 2018OSC News Release: OSC establishes first permanent mediation program by a Canadian securities regulator
20180315200000March 16, 2018OSC News Release: Stanislaw Pasyk Charged with Criminal Code Offences
20180201110000February 1, 2018OSC News Release: Husband and Wife Charged with Securities Act Offences
20180125110000January 25, 2018OSC News Release: Court of Appeal Upholds OSC Panel Decisions in Insider Tipping and Trading Case
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