Where can I find insider trading reports?

Insider trading information has been filed electronically on the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI) since June 9, 2003. SEDI is the official site for the filing of insider trading reports as required by securities laws in Canada. These documents are available free of charge on the SEDI website.

Insider reports filed before June 9, 2003 are available in the OSC Bulletin or by contacting the OSC Commission Records department at 416-593-3735.

You can request summary reports for:

  • all trades reported for an issuer from the date they became a reporting issuer in Ontario or for a specified period, or
  • all trades reported by an insider of one or more issuers. This information may be limited to certain dates.
In general, requests for paper reports will be processed within five business days. Requests for summary reports will be processed within three business days.