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As part of the Policy Reformulation Project, Staff has determined that the following notices are to be reclassified according to the numbering system adopted by the Canadian Securities Administrators. An explanation of that numbering system can be found at 19 OSCB 4258. In some instances, Staff has determined that minor changes to the notices are needed so that the notices conform to existing statutory references; such changes are noted accordingly under "Comments". The assignment of these new numbers is effective immediately.

Pre-Reformulation New Number Comments
OSCN Advertising and Use of Marketing Material During the Waiting Period (1987) 10 OSCB 2831 47-701
OSCN Pre-Filing Consultation on Innovative or Unusual Financial Reporting (1987) 10 OSCB 5687 52-703
OSCN Media Articles Appearing During the Waiting Period (1988) 11 OSCB 1098 47-703
OSCN Noranda Inc./Falconbridge Limited - Proposed Stock Exchange Take-Over Bid/Pre-Bid Integration Rules (1988) 11 OSCB 4367 62-702 Reference to "section 93 of the Act" in the second last paragraph should now read "section 94 of the Act"
OSCN Use of "Special Warrants" in Connection with Distribution of Securities by Prospectus (1989) 12 OSCB 2168 46-701
OSCN Staff Investigation in Respect of Loan by Stelco Inc. to Controlling Shareholder of Clarus Corporation (1991) 14 OSCB 1807 62-701 In the third paragraph, the reference to "Part XIX of the Act" should now read "Part XX of the Act"
OSCN Report on Financial Statement Issues (1992) 15 OSCB 6 52-704
OSCN Office of the Chief Accountant - MD&A Guide (1993) 16 OSCB 360 51-704
OSCN Contemporaneous Private Placements and Public Offerings and Media Coverage Prior to the Commencement of the Waiting Period (1993) 16 OSCB 5776 47-702
OSCN Executive Compensation Disclosure for Debt-Only Issuers (1994) 17 OSCB 1059 51-702
OSCN Meetings with a Commissioner Regarding a Prospectus or an Application for Exemption or Registration (1994) 17 OSCB 3529 15-701

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