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T.A. Holdings Inc.
Tactman Investments (Canada) Inc.
Tadd Financial Inc.
Tai, Dean
Tam, Chuck C. H.
Tang, (Michael) Yun
Tang, Weizhen
Tanrich Investment Consultant (Overseas) Ltd.
Taub, Stephen
Taylor Jr., Lewis
Taylor Sr., Lewis
Taylor, (John) Blair
Taylor, Colin
Taylor, Jared
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, Steven M.
TBS New Media Inc.
TBS New Media Ltd.
TBS New Media PLC
TCC Industries, Inc.,
TD Securities Inc.
TD Waterhouse Investor Services, Inc.
TD-Waterhouse Canada Inc.
Teck Cominco Limited
Tennant, Derek
Tersigni, Ralph James
Teton Oil USA Limited
Thakur, Rajeev
Thatcher, Leslie Brent
The Alexander Dolgonos Spousal Trust
The Althea Stewart Spousal Trust
The Ayzik Dolgonos Spousal Trust
The Crabbe Huson Group, Inc.
The Height of Excellence Financial Planning Group Inc.
The Jolian Trust
The Kalina Dolgonos Spousal Trust
The Lodge at Kananaskis Limited Partnership
The Placencia Hotel and Residences Ltd.
The Placencia Marina, Ltd.
The Second Cup Ltd.
The Tina Livchits Spousal Trust
The TSX Inc.
Theberge, Richard
Theroux, Patrice
Thibault, Marc
Thomson, Andrew
Tibollo, Michael Anthony (a.k.a Michele-Antonio Tibollo)
Tiffin Financial Corporation
Tiffin, Daniel
Tim Dowswell Investments
Timpson, Roger D.
Tindale, John A.
Tindall, Clifford Paul
Ting, James H.
Todorov, Evgueni
Tomeli, Evanna
Tong, Victor
Topol, Robert
Torres, Paul Manuel
Torvalon Corporation
Toussaint, Basil Marcellinius (a.k.a. Peter Beckford)
Trafalgar Associates Limited and Edward Furtak
Transdermal Corp.
Travis, Larry
Tremblay, Martin
Triax Growth Fund Inc.
Tricapital Management Limited
Trieme Corporation and a Limited Partnership Referred to as “Anguilla LP”
Tri-Lee Capital Ltd.
Trilogy Retail Enterprises L.P.
Truss, Aron David
Tsatskin, Vadim
Tsiolis, George
Tubtron Controls Corp.
Tulotsang, Wangyal
Tulsiani Investments Inc.
Tulsiani, Sunil
Tulsiani, Ravinder
Tuzyk, John
Twerdun, Mark Ivan

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