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Cachet Wealth Management Inc.
Cai, Kevin S. X.
Cakebread, Doug
Caldwell Investment Management Ltd.
Caldwell Securities Limited
Callum, Andrew
Cambridge Resources Corporation
Cambridge Shopping Centres Limited
Camdeton Trading Ltd.
Camdeton Trading S.A.
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell, David C
Canaccord Capital Corporation
Canadian 88 Energy Corp.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canadian Income Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
Canadian Private Audit Service
Canavista Corporate Services Inc.
Canavista Financial Center Inc.
Candido, Antonino
Canpro Income Fund I, LP
Cantillas, Angelito
Cantillas, Norita
Canyon Acquisitions International, LLC
Canyon Acquisitions, LLC
Capista, Agostino
Capital First Venture Fund Inc.
Capital Investments of America
Capital Reserve Financial Group
Cara Operations Limited
Carley, Jonathan
Carmichael, Harry J.
Caruso, Marco
Cason, Ryan
Cassels Brock & Blackwell - OSC v.
Cassels, Robert
Cassidy, Diana
Castaneda, Jose L.
Cataldi, Vincent
Cathcart, David
Catone, Ron
Cavric, Ivan
CBK Enterprises Inc.
CCI Capital Canada Limited
CCI Financial, LLC
Celly, Sahil
Certain Financial Sector Issuers
CGC Financial Services Inc.
Chaddock, Douglas William
Chambers, Charlotte
Chambers, Desmond
Chan, Allen
Chan, Edward
Chan, Leo
Chang, Jo-Anne
Chapman, Harold M.
Chapters' - OSC Rules on Application to Cease-Trade Chapters' Shareholders Rights Plans
Charko, Ronald
Chartcandle Inc.
Chartcandle Investments Corporation
Chau, Joe Henry (a.k.a. Henry Joe Chau, Shung Kai Chow and Henry Shung Kai Chow)
Cheng, Man Kin (a.k.a. Francis Cheng)
Chesnowitz, Stephen Michael
Cheung, Andrew
Cheung, Hau Wai (a.k.a. Peter Cheung, Tony Cheung, Mike Davidson, or Peter Mcdonald)
Chhean, Choeun a.k.a. Paulette C. Chhean
Chiasson, Roger
Chisholm, Roderick
Chomica, Jan
Chomica, Michael
CI Financial Corp.
CI Mutual Funds Inc. (CI Investments Inc.)
Ciavarella, Michael
CIBC World Markets Inc.
Ciccone Group
Ciccone, Vince
Ciccone, Vincent
Clansman 98 Investments Inc.
Claredon Apartments (1963) Ltd.
Clifford, Richard
Cliffs Natural Resources Inc.
CNF Candy Corp.
CNF Food Corp.
Cockburn, Wayne D.
Cody, Michael
Cohen, Bruce
Coleman, Matthew Noah
Collenette, Penny
Colonna, John
Compushare Transfer Corporation
Conforzi, David
Consolidated Properties Ltd.
Conway, Heather
Cook, Chris
Cook, Kathryn A.
Cooper, H. Howard
Copal Resort Development Group, LLC
Copeland, Claire
Coppo, Alberto
Cork, Kendall
Cornblum, Gil I.
Cornish, Geoffrey
Cornwall, John Alexander
Corrigan, Kieran
Costello, Brian K.
Coughlan, Terence D.
Coventree Inc.
Cowpland, Michael
Cranston, Robert
Create-a-Fund Inc.
Credifinance Securities Limited
Credit Suisse First Boston Canada Inc.
Croesus Emerging Markets Resource Fund LLC
Crombie, Brian H.
Crombie, Peter S.
Cross, Douglas
Crowe, Ronald David
Crown Capital Management Corporation
Crown Capital Partners Ltd.
Crown Hill Capital Corporation
Crump, J. Donald
Crystallex International Corporation
Cubacan Exploration Inc.
Culp, John David
Cunningham, Joesph
Cunti, Peter
Curalli, Vito
Curia, Joseph
Curley, Paul
Currah, Andrew
Currah, Penny
Curry, Angela
Curry, Kolt
CW Shareholdings Inc.

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