Securities Law & Instruments

Orders, Rulings & Decisions

This section contains orders, rulings and decisions issued by the Commission relating to discretionary relief, cease trade orders, take-over bidsenforcement proceedings and other matters. The documents are listed according to the date they were published in the OSC Bulletin, the official record of the OSC’s activities.

If a document you are looking for is not listed here, refer to the OSC Bulletin or contact us for assistance.

You can also find orders, decisions and other documents relating to enforcement proceedings under All Proceedings.

April 26, 2018Trilogy Mortgage Group Inc. and Trilogy Equities Group Limited Partnership – ss. 127(1), 127(5)
April 26, 2018Compel Capital Inc. – s. 144
April 26, 2018Avigilon Corporation
April 26, 2018Maria Psihopedas – s. 8
April 26, 2018MBMI Resources Inc. – s. 1(11)(b)
April 26, 2018Calpine Corporation
April 26, 2018Nasdaq CXC Limited and Ensoleillement Inc. – s. 144
April 26, 2018TMX Group Limited et al. – s. 147
April 26, 2018Troilus Gold Corp. – s. 1(11)(b)
April 26, 2018Pro-Financial Asset Management Inc. et al. – ss. 127, 127.1