Board Committees

The Board has three standing committees: Audit and Finance, Governance and Nominating, and Human Resources and Compensation. The chair and members of each of these committees are part-time Members, except for the Chair of the Commission, who is an ex officio, non-voting member of the Governance and Nominating Committee.

The Commission has one standing policy committee, the Adjudicative Committee, which reviews and periodically evaluates the Commission’s adjudicative procedures and practices.

Audit and Finance Committee
William J. Furlong, Chair
Peter Currie
Garnet W. Fenn
Robert P. Hutchison
Frances Kordyback
Deborah Leckman

Governance and Nominating Committee
Janet Leiper, Chair
Philip Anisman
Lawrence P. Haber
Robert P. Hutchison
Frances Kordyback
Ex officio: Maureen Jensen

Human Resources and Compensation Committee
Deborah Leckman, Chair
Peter Currie
Garnet W. Fenn
Poonam Puri
M. Cecilia Williams
Mark J. Sandler

Adjudicative Committee
Mark J. Sandler, Chair
Philip Anisman
William J. Furlong
Janet Leiper
Tim Moseley
AnneMarie Ryan
D. Grant Vingoe

Ex officio: Grace Knakowski